Machinery park

Our machinery park consists of three main sections

Thanks to our membership in the industrial cluster, we also have the possibility of water jet cutting and laser cutting. All our processes are carried out under quality supervision that guarantees we meet documented goals in production. A big selection of tools allows us to provide a wide range of services and the responsibility and reliability of our employees guarantee the quality and timeliness of delivered orders.



The machining section focuses on technologically advanced turning and milling CNC processes which are implemented by qualified personnel and under rigorous quality supervision, which allows detail production of very high quality and equally high functional parameters.

Toczenie CNC

Lathe center Doosan Lynx  220LM

  • Lathe spindle clearance d=51mm
  • Maximum turning diameter D=250 mm
  • Maximum turning length L= 290 mm

Automatic Lathe Gildemeister  Sprint MF 65

Automat Tokarski Gildemeister Sprint MF 65
  • Lathe spindle clearance d=65 mm
  • Two headers
  • Counter spindle

Lathe center Hyundai Hit 8S

Centrum Tokarskie Hyundai Hit 8S
  • Lathe spindle clearance d =45mm
  • Maximum turning diameter D=180 mm
  • Maximum turning length L=290 mm

Lathe center Hyundai L230 LA

Hyundai L230 LA
  • Lathe spindle clearance d=68 mm
  • Maximum turning diameter D=350 mm
  • Maximum turning length L=440 mm

Lathe center Takisawa TC-3

Takisawa TC-3
  • Lathe spindle clearance d=65mm
  • Maximum turning diameter D=210 mm
  • Maximum turning length L=250 mm

Lathe center SPINNER TC77

  • Lathe spindle clearance d=77mm
  • Maximum turning diameter D=400 mm
  • Maximum turning length L=500 mm

Frezowanie CNC

Milling center Spinner MVC 610

Spinner MVC 610
  • Workspace X=700, Y=600, Z=600

Milling center SPINNER U1530

  • Workspace X=1530, Y=530, Z=465

Milling center DECKEL MAHO DMU 80 monoBLOCK

  • Workspace X=610, Y=500, Z=500

Forming process


Our forming process section offers the highest quality bending services using modern press brakes. We use steel sheets, sheets of stainless and acid-resistant materials, as well as aluminum alloys in our manufacturing.

Press break BEYELER with a bending length of 1500 mm

Prasa Krawędziowa BEYELER

Press break LVD PPEB with a bending length of 3100 mm

Prasa krawędziowa LVD PPEB



All our welding processes are quality controlled by an international welding engineer (IWE). Welding stations are equipped with high-quality welding and assembly tables guaranteeing the correct positioning of the elements.

welders Esab Origo Mig 430

welders ESAB Origo Tig 4300iw

welding and assembly tables
Bernd Siegmund

stoły spawalniczo-montażowe Bernd Siegmund